3D Archery Range is now open!

Post date: Oct 18, 2014 1:41:42 AM


The 3D Archery range is located at the end of the Big Bore Driveway and runs parallel to the Big Bore range on the other side of the berm. The range consists of 5 target locations at 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 yards with shooting positions designated by the bow holders.


Archery only, Absolutely NO firearms!


The Range can be used during regular Club hours. The range can be used before Club shooting hours, but you will have to park outside the gate and walk to the range.


The range is designed for 3D-style targets. The Club has targets will be available during Club shoots. You may also use your own 3D targets but they must be placed in front of the hay bales that designate the target locations. Only these areas are too be used. The use of broad heads is prohibited on the range. You may use block style targets as well, but they must be approved targets that would stop an arrow.


All archers must shoot from behind the same firing line. If there is more than one archer on the line shooting, you must take turns shooting. This will prevent cross firing of arrows.

If someone needs to go down the line to retrieve arrows, the same rules apply as on the gun ranges. The bows must be placed in their holders and no one will handle a bow while people are down range.

There is a roped area between the Big Bore Range and the Archery Range. THIS IS A SAFETY ZONE! DO NOT WALK IN THIS AREA DURING REGULAR SHOOTING HOURS! If you lose an arrow in this area you must wait till after shooting hours or call for a cease fire on the Big Bore Range. REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST!