Range Safety

Range Safety Officers

Some of you have noticed that we have begun a program of RSO’S, Range Safety Officers.

An RSO may be identified by a green membership card. They have all passed the NRA training course given by Goal’s Jon Green. It is a very extensive training session given over the course two full days. They all gave up their Memorial Day weekend to participate in the training.

Recently there have been a few changes in the use of our various ranges and the addition of two new areas. We try to keep everyone up-dated but the word often times does not get out to all of our members, we are at around 350 at this time.

This is not 1948 anymore, the town has grown up around us. Safety should be the number one concern for all members. If an RSO approaches you with a concern please do not get offended by it. We all can get complacent at times or we might not be up to date on some of the changes, they are only trying to help you and keep the club a safe environment that we can all enjoy for years to come.