Elections and By Law Changes

Post date: Apr 11, 2013 1:56:58 PM

Elections were held at the annual meeting April 8, 2013.

Newly elected Association officers and Board members are:

President: Dick Sprague weebub@msn.com

Vice President: Ted Kulik thadjk@comcast.net (Membership questions)

Secretary: Craig Owen clo456@aol.com

Treasurer: Bob O'Hanley ss454truck@aol.com (Work incentive questions and Building and Grounds)

Board members Butch Laing, Robert Westcott, Bob Pasquale, Don MacLean and Tom Tully

Changes to the By Laws approved by membership are included with the minutes posted elsewhere on the web site. Changes will be made and new pamphlets published and made available to the membership.

Craig Owen