Friday Black Powder shoots resume

Post date: Apr 09, 2014 1:12:14 PM

Weather permitting, the black powder shoots will resume Fri. April 11th.

Requirements are: Traditional side lock muzzleloading rifles using round patched ball of any caliber (within reason), 7" (+ or -) Diameter saw blades will be the main target at 100 yards and a 100 yard gong may be set up also, paper targets may be set up at 50 & 75 yards. A three inch or less group at 25 yards is encouraged.

The hours every Friday will be from 9:30am (+ or -) until 1:00pm. The big bore range will be open to black powder shooters only at this time.

Come and give it a try and have some fun! We shoot saw blades and the breeze.

Any questions, please contact Mac at: []